How Mountain Meadow got started

Mountain Meadow was started in 1981 by Julie Greenberg, a lesbian Rabi and mother from Philadelphia, as a feminist summer camp for girls. In 1991, Rebecca Subar and Merle Berman decided to revive Mountain Meadow, this time designing and implementing a kid-centered, non-profit summer camp for children of all genders with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer(LGBTQ) parents. From the beginning, creating a diverse community and providing equal access to programming for people of varying economic backgrounds was a priority. Their vision was instituted through a sliding-scale tuition policy and a commitment to engaging in yearly fundraising campaigns.

About the kids

What’s it like to be a kid and have a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered parent? Mountain Meadow kids will tell you that each person’s experience is different from the next. Some kids are open with their classmates, while many are not. Some are angry with their gay parent; others work for gay rights. Some are just getting used to the idea; others never knew life any other way. All blossom at Mountain Meadow, where their families are “normal,” where no one asks “Yeah, but which one is your real mom?” and where there’s never a reason to hide.

What is Mountain Meadow Summer Camp Program?

Mountain Meadow's Summer Camp program is a two-week overnight camping experience where children ages 9-17, in LGBTQ or other non-traditional families come together to participate in interactive learning experiences which help them take on leadership roles, build community and just plain have fun.

Where is the Summer Camp Program?

Mountain Meadow's Summer Camp program takes place at a campsite in Southern New Jersey, about an hour from Philadelphia.

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